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Delivery is quick and prompt - telephone call is not and they normally cannot assist

I put 2 orders on-line on the same day within 10 mins of each other. some pictures order only 3 and then a picture album, as I placed them seperatly and was unalbe to mix the order they charged me double delivery. I rang the number and was advised to e-mail which i did and it took them 5 days to response and that was after I received both orders to tell me they could not take off one delivery charge. I know it is not much but it was the principle and does not makes sense, same please same time same delivery same customer so why?? will not be using or recommending them again to anyone.

23 May 2013

Reply from Jessops Photo

I am sorry for the delay in replying to your email, we had some system trouble and some emails got stuck but have now all come through and been responded too. I am afraid we cannot combine orders once sent. Although it sounds simple, they go through the system separately and at the packing end, the lab has to find the two orders among the thousands, then unpack one and put it in the other. It is difficult to do and likely to cause mistakes.


Excellent Service from the minute you place the order..

Brilliant service, once I placed the order I was kept up-to-date with the delivery status and more importanly details if I wanted to change at any point. This for someone who is working full time is excellent so that you can ensure you are in when the package is due to arrive in that time slot.

Wish more suppliers would be like this, makes life so simple and stress free.


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