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Newegg doesn't request signatures for expensive items!

I recently made a rather large purchase through Newegg. About $1400 total in purchases. The items were all shipped in 3 separate shipments by two carriers. None of them were requested to have a signature on delivery. I was notified by email on December 31st that 2 of my 3 shipments was delivered to my door. This was at noon while I was at work and I didn't get home from work until about 6 pm. When I got home, nothing was at my door. I checked with all my neighbors and only one of them was able to tell me that they saw the delivery guy but didn't see anything after that. I called the police but they told me that there really isn't much they could do about it and to keep an eye on the pawn shops. I didn't bother to file a police report at that time because I wanted to call the shipper and Newegg first. The shipping company was fast to send the driver back out and he confirmed with his GPS that he dropped the package at my door and then left. I called Newegg and filed a claim. They did not request a police report at that time. They told me it would take 10 business days to review.

15 business days later and several phone calls later and I was still waiting on a resolution! On Jan 23rd they stated that my claim was denied because the shipper delivered the packages and said to file a police report if I wish to dispute it. As if the police can do anything about it now! The 3rd part of my purchase was delivered by FedEx and I received it just fine. I am out over $1000 in equipment due to Newegg's failure to request a signature on something that CLEARLY should require it! When I contacted the police to file a report they stated that there still wasn't anything they could do to help find my stolen property.

This is entirely Neweggs fault for not either giving me the option to pay for, or requesting themselves a signature on delivery. Due to their negligence, my stuff was stolen and now they have the gall to deny a replacement of the product! I will never buy from Newegg again. I don't recommend and will never recommend anybody else to Newegg either.

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