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terrible customer service

By far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Have wasted hours trying to get through to them and then impossible to obtain a consistent answer to my query.

I ordered 5 large canvases off groupon (never again). I then realised that my picture files were not large enough to be expanded to that size, I then contacted printer pix who said they were happy to give me 10 smaller ones instead.

It took literally 45 minutes of holding to get through to them on the phone. After being put on hold repeatedly so the staff member could get confirmation from a superior, I was told that I should email my vouchers and upload my pics to the website. I did this. Nothing happened.

I tried to call, holding wait was too long for my lunch break! So I then emailed and explained what I had already been told by Printerpix. The email back made no acknowledgment of what I had said, or the previous phonecalls, and just told me to contact groupon!! After the hours I've already spent on this, and after being told by Printerpix on the phone that they could process my order, I emailed back to say that I wanted my order processed and reconfirmed that this had already been okay'd with 2 members of staff. I then got a second reply from a different person, who AGAIN obviously hadn't read my email, telling me to go to groupon.

This whole process has been absolutely exhausting and I've felt like I've been round in endless circles. I'm so disappointed with both Printerpix and groupon, I really think groupon should vet companies before partnering with them. It only took me 5 seconds on google to see that this company was ridiculously incompetent.

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