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Tile Mountain

Can't fault them.

Price, delivery, quality have all been perfect.

Ergonomic Designs Bathrooms

Super quick delivery and amazing price

Delivery was very quick and the price for the ceiling mounted shower and concealed 2 way valve was the best i found anywhere. The guarantee seems pretty good and lengthy, so hopefully no problems in the future.

Excellent service but the warranty hard sell was a disappointment

Very competitive prices and the Ocado voucher tipped it in their favour compared to Currys. Communication was excellent throughout just a shame about the Warranty hard sell.

09 July 2013

Reply from

Hi Sir Snorks

Thanks for your comments.

It’s great to hear you’re really pleased with our service. We monitor prices on a daily basis to ensure that we provide the best possible value across the whole online market for our customers. Equally, we seek to secure the best partnerships with manufacturers, and other organisations, so that we can pass on great offers and promotions to you. These are just some of the reasons that we feel Appliances Online should be the number one choice when purchasing an appliance.

However, I’m sorry to learn that you feel you experienced a hard-sell. Whilst we do certainly promote our Worry Free Plan (it is after all a great service for a lot of people), we wouldn’t want any of our staff giving a hard-sell, nor our customers to receive one.

There were no order details linked to your review so I’ve unfortunately been unable to locate your order. If you can send your reference to me via I’ll look into the conduct of the agent and take appropriate action where necessary.

Many Thanks

Stewart Morrison - AO



Used them for years and saved lots of money!

Pissup Stag Weekends


I'll give you some background to why Pissup are so bad. We booked 3 activities with them in Amsterdam: Beer Bike, Pub Crawl and Dominatrix:

Beer Bike (Fri): Doesn't look anything like advertised (imagine patio table with wheels complete with parasols), one seat already broken needless to say it lasted about 5 mins before the whole thing broke and we had to abandon the activity. Not much fun on stag-do standing in the cold getting shouted at by angry Dutch motorists. It was ok though as the rep said we might get our money back, LOL! Apparently he works for Pissup but he denied all knowledge at the time!

Pub Crawl (Fri): Considering Pissup screwed up the first activity you'd think they would pull out all the stops on the pub crawl. A round of beers, maybe as a goodwill gesture? No chance! We were pushed by the Rep into starting the activity early (because of the beer bike failure) not much fun sat in bars in Amsterdam when its early! We didn't get our free beer either (As stated on their website!), apparently we were more than rewarded by some *free* shots. You know the ones essence of tequila, slight of Sambucca etc (you get those free when buying your first round of drinks in these bars anyway!)... you would get drunker on a pint of water. Its a good job our Rep was such a laugh, oh wait he wasn' was so bad we had to ditch him early…although he told his 'bosses' he left us in a strip club at 06:00 - hmmm:-|. To put it bluntly we had a much ,much ,much better time when we were left to our own devices going to bars we wanted to go to and not the ones the Rep says are good and that have been 'tailored' to our group.

Dominatrix (Sat): Well worth it (plus we had a different rep) but I suggest book it yourself or through another company... unless you like similar pain when dealing with Pissup if you have a complaint. I'll save you the experience…It's not their fault that 2/3 activities were rubs, we'll make up a few stories that prove you had a good time with us etc, etc.

So thats a background…it took an arduous 2 weeks to get our money back for the failed beer bike. Apparently they needed to check-out what happened first but don't you have your own set up in Amsterdam? Well the two Reps we had both say they don't work for Pissup - yet Pissup say one of them is their head guy…*alarm bells*! Oh and if you dare complain the skilled Pissup Customer Services will flip-flop all over the place and try and misinform you about what you should've got e.g. "your pub crawl was only for 3 hours" - it says 4 on your website, "it was a free shot or beer" - we weren't given a choice and it says beer on your website. …Suffice to say it's your problem as the customer, you didn't deserve any good will from us for messing up your Friday…oh hang on we gave you to much goodwill on Friday *Insert Fish Slap here* our Rep who may or may not work for us said so!

My opinion is don't bother with this company and book through chilli sauce (We used them for our trip to Prague and they were very good plus they test how good their products are) or better still book it all yourself (which I did for Heineken Experience, Banana Bar and Paintball in Amsterdam). All you need is Google, Smart phone and the Dutch transport system is easy peasy!

Take it squeezy!

07 June 2013

Reply from e-Blok Ltd (Pissup Tours)

Hi Simon,

thanks for your comments and we're genuinely sorry to hear you weren't happy. We've had thousands of customers since 2001 and I think in that time we've only had 5 serious complaints like yours. Your 1-star review is our only one, all our others are 4 and 5 stars. If we did anything wrong, it's that we're not used to dealing with complaints.

Our Tour Manager tried his best to please you with the bounds of what is affordable, he gave your group free shots and beers, an extended bar guide, and other extras as compensation. We also refunded you in full for the Beer Bike activity with just a couple of basic questions ask which we have to ask to assess the refund we gave you.

We are sorry to hear you feel you have to tell everyone we are shit. We believe no other stag company would have tried any harder than Pissup to please you.

We hope you'll book again with us in the future and we can have a chance to show you why so many people give us 5-star reviews.

Best wishes,
Max Bowen - Pissup sales

Mazuma Mobile

Perfect, no surprises and super quick payment 3 days after posting.

Posted on Tuesday money in account Thursday. Quoted price paid.

Would definitely use them again.

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