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Totally Untrustable company..............

I paid for a 6 day booking.for a hotel in Dubai for a lady with a 3 year old child. When they reached the hotel with the conformation number, the hotel told them they that they never received the conformation. The Lady had to wait 7 hours in the lobby.
Then when child started crying, the women was ushered out of the hotel.

When I contacted Expedia the told me, that it was the hotel's fault that they never received the conformation. Now the hotel has got no rooms, so we have to book for another hotel and which will cost twice the amount as the prices have gone up.

I have spoken to different people from their very very uncooperative call centres based in India. They put you in a hold for ages. They never call back when the promise. They just accept that it is not my fault but theirs. Their complainants centre doesn't even have a telephone number.


THEY ARE LIARS, CHEATS AND totally Incompetent.

Please stay away.

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