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More stock and measures

You can't buy everything u like because they dissapear from your basket before checkout. Even if it was in basket and i've paid...i didn't get one item because of an internal error :( Also in trousers sizes i can't find any measurements and i'm stuck with 2 pair tooo tight for me that i've ordered in my normal size.

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Sage Line 50 (EC110022)

I've studied Sage on-line for about 2-3 hours a day and finished it in about 3 weeks, of course u can go back and look again at what u are not sure! It is great interactive learning , like someone by your side explaining what to do but with more patience. U also have online support if u need. I've learned so many things and i've enjoyed this a lot. Definetly come back to study more! Thank you very much e-Careers for this oportunity!

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