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Sell by deception

I got a phone call from 'Carphone Warehouse' saying that they could reduce my current tariff with Orange by 50%. Even though I wasn't unhappy with the contract I had I agreed to a new plan @ £10.50 a month. I then got an email from e2save thanking me for my purchase. Although Carphone Warehouse claim that they can't deal with e2save 'problems' I also got an emailed order acknowledgement from them. When I received my first Orange bill after this I discovered I was being charged £15.50 per month. I thought at that rate I might as well have one of the packages offering a free tablet as well for that price so went into Carphone Warehouse thinking I should be able to just cancel the product that had been mis-sold to me and start a new contract. Not that simple! The guys in the CW shop in Cheltenham were very helpful but the bottom line seemed to be that they can't remedy the deceipts of e2save even tho' there is clearly a connection between the two companies to the extent that they were able to verify from e2save records that what I told them had happened was correct i.e they had quoted me £10.50 for something for which Orange are charging me £15.50. According to all 3 parties involved it's everybody elses fault!. Therefore as of today I will pay no more money to any of them including Talk Talk for my phone/broadband and Orange for my mobile despite having been otherwise pleased with both of these for a very log time. This kind of deceiptful (if not illegal?) practise needs to be stamped out.

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