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Perfect transaction

Easy to order, very speedy delivery, product totally satisfactory. Will use again.

Transaction smooth as silk

Good price deal, on-time delivery and great item - a BOSS GT-100 with free Stagg pedal case for it, The case is ok for a freebie, bit it's made of a material far too flimsy to keep a £400 FX unit in, so I'll look for a more robust one later.

Reidys Home of Music

No hitches, speedy service. Amp has poor reverb though.

Reidy's did their part 100%. Thanks!
Unfortunately the amplifier, a Tubemeister 36, had a noisy onboard reverb but exchanging emails with the distributor showed this to be how the reverb is (?!). But they got it collected the day after I received it from Reidys and retro fitted a component - seems there's a known 'whistle' effect on the reverb, but it wouldn't mean the hiss would be got rid off. I now have it back and will be using a pedal to provide reverb as I'm disappointed that an otherwise well-designed and engineered product has such a major inbuilt flaw in my opinion - my Marshall has noiseless onboard digital reverb, so does my PA amp. How can a digital reverb have hiss anyway? So how come a brand new product, launched only a year or so ago, has such a built in issue? Apart from this, it's really light to carry around and has some great sounds.

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