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AVIOD AVIOD AVIOD! Disgusting company and would tell you anything for a sale.

Please please please learn from my mistake and do not go near phones 4 u! I went in for a look around when a sales person approached me when I said I'm just havin a look at the iPhones she then went onto telling me what she can offer? 1 being trade my iPhone in and I can get the iPhone 5 on a 24 month contract I then explained I'm going travelling around the world for 12 months so contract deal wouldn't be an option of mine she then went onto tell me this wouldn't be an issue as you can freeze your account before u go and reactivate when your back!. Stupidly I went for the contract she offered and only just found out from 02 freeze account does not exist! I rang phones 4 u numerous times to sort this out and the only option they gave me was to bring the iphone5 bk in store and that they would cancel the contract and also went onto explaining the 4 months I've paid already and my original iPhone I traded...would not get any of it bk! I was fuming and better still I had the head manager in customer services threatening me with legal action if I did not apply. On top of all that they have taken it upon them selves to cancel my contract and reactivate it again with absolutely not say so from my self. This has been going on now for over 2 weeks with no resolution. Awful service and awful staff as they can lie out of there 2 front teeth to make a sale for commission. They give 02 a bad name as 02 are fantastic but when phones 4 u are selling there services its not doing them any favours. Was promised a phone call from the excellence team... surprise surprise still waiting. This company will FRUED you add on they cancelled my phone so I cannot not use it but when I went into store it's still showing active so I'm getting charged for a service I can't use. Trading standards and an article in the manchester news paper is my next move as I'm getting no where with this company.

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Manchester, United Kingdom