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When I got my car, my navigator was missing, just its base was on the seat next to the driver. I rung the guy who brought me the car straight away when I got home and he said that he had seen the base empty there. I had put the navigator attached to his base in my glove compartment. I rung the contact number for looking for parking in the morning and reported the incident. She told me someone would come back to me but nobody bothered.
Obviously, it is my word against the two drivers' word but I know one of the two is a thief, so I am not going to use you ever again. I will get a cab next time.
I have used valet parking with other companies in the past leaving the same navigator in the car and nobody touched it. I t was an old TOM TOM, a huge one.
Actually my car has been broken into three times and only cash was stolen and the navigator was left alone. I had left it in the car several times when it was being handwashed. One of the two drivers must be really desperate and not value his job at all.

30 January 2013

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Hello Ioanna,

I've spoken to the customer service department regarding this complaint and can confirm that we did research the incident and that we sent you an email on January 9th with our investigation. Please feel free to give us a call if you wish to discuss the matter further.

Many thanks,
Philip Green.
Customer Relations Manager


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United Kingdom