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I purchased a gledhill torrent fitted it found immersion heater was dead contacted plum nation to be told I'd have to pay for a replacement to be sent which I reluctantly did, phoned my card details to them they lost the details but did not bother to tell me this only when I chased it I found out, it was nearly two weeks before I received the mean time the cylinder was found to have a faulty coil plum nation wanted another1000quid for a replacement I simply did not have this kind of money avalible as customer would not pay until job finished. I explained this to plum nation they would not budge. in the end I went to gledhill direct who was more than help full they collected cylinder and repaired it , I could see a long drawn out court battle had gledhill not helped. This did some damage to my reputation as my customer was not happy I value my good name plum nation don't seem to care once they have got your money,its nothing unusual to have to wait half an hour before you get a reply on the phone.they might be cheaper than some but when things go wrong you are in for a lot of hassle I'd sooner pay more and go somewhere that cares about its customers I strongly recommend any one reading this does the same.*******update Mr Evans the managing director has contacted me and has been fully open and honest about the experience I had ,to stand up and admit to errors is not a easy thing to do,this counts a lot in my book . I am assured should I use plum nation again I can expect a better service. And the phone waiting to speak to an operator is being addressed. So to sum up yes I will be using plumb nation again I leave the low star rating for the expericnce I had but give the full star rating to Mr Evans for his honesty.


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