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Both Groupon and Merchant say it's the others responsibility to refund

I bought a car service. I called up to book the service with the garage, who took details of my car and booked me in for Monday. At 3pm on the Friday before, they canceled it as they "Don't do {my brand of car} cars' and refused to refund me, stating Groupon did. I explained I needed it in writing that they wouldn't refund, which they refused.

I called Groupon and spoke to a lady who told me that they would need an email from them stating that I hadn't used the voucher, as they had already redeemed it! I explained that the garage refused to do this and she refused. Eventually, after getting very irate with me she offered to contact a supervisor and came back with the same answer.

I explained very slowly from the start and asked her to explain again to her supervisor that I cannot do what they wanted as the merchant refused. She very irately went away again and eventually coming back to say she would escalate it. The time for this was indeterminable, 10 days, 10 working days and "It never takes that long". At this stage I said I would dispute the transaction with Paypal to be on the safe side. "Well, I'm not escalating it if you do that" the girl said. "So you are refusing to escalate it then?" I asked. "I've already done it" came the reply.

So in 25 minutes we had gone from I can't do anything, to I'm not going to do anything to I've done it.

At this stage I asked for a supervisor. I was told they don't take calls. I asked for a complaints team. There wasn't one. In the end I asked for the person she would pass the call to if someone had a complaint and she told me I was being "very rude". I wouldn't mind if I had sworn or shouted, both of which I really fancied doing but didn't.

Eventually I got a manager who was lovely, apologised, offered to contact the vendor for me and sort it out, so hopefully I will get a refund but sadly it won't make up for the day's wages I lost in booking the car into a garage that "don't do Smart cars".

Suffice to say, I have now deleted the app!

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