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Good luck selling one thing per year on ecrater!

Sales are so very low on this site & if you go to the forums trying to inquire about what is going on with the site or to offer some suggestions to improve things, the seller pile-on will turn you off of ever asking for help or offering suggestions again. The forum contributors will make you feel very unwelcome for any post.

Every single thread I looked at had a bullying vibe to it. The weird thing is, there is a section set up to offer suggestions, but all suggestions are immediately shot down by the forum regulars. I even had one woman tell me that I looked fat in one of my pictures that I modeled some jeans in & that she would never buy a pair of jeans that would make a person look so fat!

First off. I am not fat at all. I have a healthy, curvy, hourglass figure that Hollywood actresses pay lots of money to plastic surgeons & trainers to emulate. I weigh 121 pounds if I am retaining water & I am 5'2". The jeans I was modeling fit me perfectly, are a size 27 & they are a very high-end pair of jeans with a designer-qulaity cut that works well for my body-type.

Secondly, the thread I started had NOTHING to do with my items, my sales, my pictures, my store, or anything that would invite such an insult from anyone. I was simply making a suggestion about a way to improve the ease-of-use of the site for sellers, because this site is glitchy & buggy. The moderator completely ignored the insult & actually attacked me for responding to the woman who insulted me & reminding her that being rude was unnecessary. All other respondents to the thread were supportive of the rude woman. This is a very negative site.

The site is full of really dumb requirements like shipping matrix & attributes. Really? Shipping matrix? It isn't accurate though ecrater lovers swear up & down that it is. Some things are so buggy & glitchy & annoying, you just have to ignore them. Basically, because shipping matrix is so off, I can't even offer shipping outside of US & Canada. Kinda lame for the rest of the world. :(

Anyway, I leave items up there that I am basically "dumping". I sell all my good stuff somewhere else.

It's a free site but you get what you pay. Nothing.

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