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Would not recommend at all.

I have had an account with this company for a very long time.

I will not list all the problems, as it would take too much time to read.

Two of the many problems with this company seem to be that

A) The telephone number costs a lot of money to call, especially as due to the lack of knowledge of some staff, the calls are not simple and quick to make.

B) When you email, if you have to email more than once (and this is usually the case, I have sent SIX emails and the matter is STILL not resolved), your email is processed by someone new.

The new person has absolutely no knowledge of the problem to which you are referring and so have to start at the beginning.

Do they read though ALL the emails copied at the end of a new message to get a good understanding of the situation? Or do they simply glance over the latest message and whizz off (usually a totally inappropriate) response? What do you think?

Even if you ask your email to be referred to a SPECIFIC manager, in large, bold, bright red and underlined letters, this is ignored.

I am suffering severe ill health at the moment the effects of which are magnified greatly by stress.

After copious emails to the company I was becoming more ill and getting absolutely no-where.

I decided, for the sake of my health, to cancel the item on back order and close my account. (I had paid ALL invoices at this stage, so as far as I was concerned, I owed no money to the company).

I asked to cancel a basic item I had not yet received and had been told would not receive until the end of May, or even possibly two weeks after that. It was nothing special, not a personalised item etc and was told that "We cannot guarantee that the cancellation request will be successful".

I pointed out that this was contravening my legal right as a consumer under the Distance Selling Regulations, and that if they did not cancel it I would be seeking legal redress.

On checking my online account today, I THINK it has been cancelled, but as they have not bothered to tell me, despite my specifically requesting this information, I am not sure.

They also have not yet closed my account. Again I have told them that I want to close the account.

Do they REALLY think, after all the aggravation, that I will be doing any further business with them?

Perhaps they will respond with some blasé comment, as they have done to other posters, but this does NOT excuse the stress I have been caused, or the fact that they have made continued errors, or that staff have contradicted each other, or that they have NOT contacted me as requested.

You can tell how good a company is by the way they respond and react to a complaint. I have read the comments by other posters. Yes, there are a few ‘positives’, but only a few amoung many complaints. Based on my experience alone, I would give them MINUS 5 if I could.

03 April 2013

Reply from 24studio

Hello Sue

We are saddened to hear of the upset and distress caused during this difficult time for you. We have located your last email to us which is currently with the manager you requested who is dealing with the issues you have raised; however we should have sent a courtesy email to let you know that we were dealing with it and when you could expect a response from us. That this has not happened is of concern and I have requested that a reply and final resolution be sent to you today by email.

I can assure you that everyone at 24Studio is committed to providing a positive and rewarding shopping experience to all of our customers, but acknowledge that, at times things can go wrong. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the difficulties you have experienced.

Thank You.


They treat customers with contempt.

I received a delivery where the driver not only entered my property without my permission (yes, opened my front door, came in to the hall, dropped my delivery and left before I could even get to the front door to see who it was). but also FAKED my signature. I am disabled, a wheelchair user, so I was terrified at the sound of my door being opened. I also have a small dog who will run if the door is opened. (Luckily, in this instance, the door between my sitting room and hallway was closed). Had the driver let out my dog, he could have been lost or run down, as due to my condition, I would not have been able to chase after him. No one ever enters my home in this manner, even when they are expected. When I complained, I got an incredibly rude and brusque women, who could not give a damn. AND I had to pay £1.73 for the telephone call. I made a complaint about the woman, 21 November 2012, and have been promised FOUR times that I would receive a call back. The last time I contacted Woolworths by telephone was 8th January 2013. A manager again promised me, that I would be contacted and it should take 'Probably 3 working days’. It's now 30th January 2013, TEN WEEKS since I made the initial complaint, and over THREE WEEKS, since I was last promised contact. I wrote the head office 21st Jan, requesting compensation for my time, (now in excess of FOUR HOURS), and other costs I have incurred due to the incompetence of this company. I have yet to receive a reply. If I could leave a negative rating, I would give them MINUS 5. Even if the company felt that my complaint was not justified, they should have at least had the decency to inform me of that. Promising FOUR times to contact me, and then not bothering is totally unacceptable. If they think that by ignoring me I will simply go away, they are gravely mistaken. I gave the head office 14 days to contact me. If they ignore me and treat me with the same contempt as the rest of the staff to whom I have spoken, I am strongly considering taking legal action to recover my costs.

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