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I had a dongle with them for 3 years and never missed a payment. When I found a better deal I called to cancel my contract. I was told there would be a 30 day notice and a final bill sent through. I paid the bill and thought nothing more of it. Next month I recieved another bill through the post. I called the call center and told them I would not pay as I had already cancelled my account. They informed me the advisor had only suspended my account because I had asked him to! I said that was not true and I wanted to cancel. The advisor said that was fine everything would be sorted out and a new bill sent out. Next month I recieved a letter from a debt collection agency stating I had not paid my 3 contract for 2 months. I called 3 and was told yes my account had been cancelled but I had to give 30 days notice and I hadn't paid the bill from the previous month! I explained everything and the advisor assured me he would sort everything out and lodge a complaint for me. 1 week letter I've recieved a letter to say they will take me to court if I do not pay my bill! They are thieves! I have spoken with them 3 times to cancel originally in October! It is now January and they have sent me the bill for February! When I call up now and ask to speak to cancellations the phone cuts out before the transfer goes through! Never use them! They may seem cheap but the customer service is non existent!

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