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A stranger to Customer Service

The wine I like is on "Rollback." This means that it sells withing minutes of going on the shelf. When i get there after work it is sold out.
I called customer service and was promised a callback in half an hour. An hour and a half later I called and was told the adviser I had spoken to had gone on break. When he eventually called back he had called the store but had no sensible explanation.
He was obstructive and unhelpful. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there was a two hour wait to speak to one.
Is this really the way a customer service department works these days?

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Customer Service - what customer service?

I ordered the sofa on Tuesday morning for delivery Wednesday. It arrived damaged so I refused to accept it and the driver took it back. On top of this, the call I was promised an hour before delivery did not happen.
Having sent the sofa back with the driver I called the company to ask for an immediate refund. The staff were unhelpful and intransigent. Even though the driver could clearly confirm that the item had been returned, they would not process the refund until it had gone back to the depot, been checked in and examined. The paperwork would be forwarded to the Accounts Department and would then wait till the following Wednesday.
I spoke to someone who claimed to be a manager who kept repeating the standard phrase of "it's policy.
I now have no sofa, and will have to wait at least three weeks to get my money back.
The replacement will now be ordered from another company.
They only agreed to actually call the courier and take any further action after i shouted and yelled for at least an hour and made it clear that I would be on Twitter, Facebook and any other site I could find. For them to claim that they acted promptly is nothing short of lieing.
The offer of a replacement part was not made until well after the driver had left with the sofa. I think it is clear that for whatever reason, I was only offered any meaningful help after I had made a great deal of fuss and by this time your staff had made it clear that this was not a company that I wanted to deal with.

01 February 2013

Reply from Nabru Limited

Hello Mr Cunningham,
We hold our hands up and admit that we let ourselves down with our initial customer service response to your problem, however once we had established that the goods were in the possession of our courier we refunded your money the same day.

Regarding the damage we do our very best as a company to ensure that the goods are well packaged before they leave our company so as to prevent damage from occurring, sadly on occasions damage occasionally does occur. In the vast majority of cases the sofa can still be assembled despite the damage and we can replace the damaged part free of charge the next working day so as to ensure that our customer is not without a sofa. We understand that this option was offered to you but that you declined.
Kind regards, Team Nabru

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