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Do not use, at any cost, not worth the money you'll be saving.

Bought a bluray internal drive, because it's was cheaper than other website including amazon, on the 8th of January. Max delivery date was the 22th. Called them on the 23rd because didn't heard anything from them.

My item was out of stock without any hope of resupply. And they didn't even sent me a mail to told me so. If I haven't call them, they wouldn't have told me. This is a disgrace, and a good example of how this company work.

Told me they'll provide me with alternative, but none of them was acceptable. Called again to have a refund, but suddenly my item was dispatched. So, not out of stock, right? Wrong, called them the day after to try to get a tracking number, and in fact the item wasn't dispatched, it was "a bug", and it really was out of stock. Now trying to get my money refund. 5 days max told me the lady. I bet I'll have to chase them up again on Friday, then.

Meanwhile, I've order the same item on amazon (the price droped since I place my WAE order). Order placed Friday, delivered next Tuesday. Faster for them to ship a parcel than WAE to send electronic money back.

Positive point: the call center is easy to reach. Very good point as you will have to call them a lot. Do not try email, you'll only receive standard stupid template not even related to your question.

I really cannot blame the helpdesk people who tried to help me, but the processes in place by management seem to be only there to reap you of your money.

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