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Poor products and delivery

I started of using this company for first time vaping, But now the delivery has gone rubbish. They charge £1.99 extra for recorded delivery when its only £0.90p with the post office and they use PPI which is cheaper than this.

When your a smoker a shop always has cigs. This company is not so reliable in this respect, You reply on your vaping liquid and they always run out of stock and it can be for a week or longer at times.

Most items are faulty, I have had so many replacements because of dud items
like now for example another dud and it tastes vile.... SICK ... its that bad taste like smoking burning paper

The part what bugs me is slow shipping even when you pay the extra £1.99 for recorded delivery , They make enough money as it is. I have personally spoken to their supplier and i can tell you their turn over is around 70%

Poor Poor Poor, try something like [Link] or [Link]

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