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Video call? Oh if only!

I have always been a keen MSN user and have had no troube using the MSN video chat feature. The latest update of MSN indicates a "merge" with Skype, forcing me to have a Skype account (oh goodie!). So I tried my brand spanking new Skype system to have a much needed catch up with my long distance boyfriend. Skype was VEEERRRYYYY slow. Infact I had to cease all other activities in order for it to open properly. Then came the much awaited video call...... or an attempt at it. I saw more "slow connection" "connection error" messages than I did of my partners face. The connection was the worst I have ever experienced. I decided to close down the amazing new Skype and recall via the MSN messenger - which suprisingly had no trouble what so ever delivering a successful video call. My mysterious connection problems seemed to disappear, so the problem is with Skype. Not a great first experience really. It was like using dial up!


A very pleasant shopping experience.

I have purchased items of clothing from both the Jane Norman retail stores and via the website and have never been disappointed with the style or quality of the clothing or the service. Recently I made my first purchase via the website and found the experience to be stress free. I ordered 2 items which arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Unfortunately one item was too small and this was returned and a refund was issued quickly without any fuss at all. I do find that sometimes there is a small sizing discrepency (hence returning 1 item) however I believe that this may be down to my lack of knowledge regarding the stretchability of fabrics rather than the company (I own size 6 dresses but size 6 tops are too small).

Overall I have had no trouble and would certainly use JaneNorman again.


Yahoo - spam central!

I try to avoid yahoo these days. I find if I use their search engine for anything what I usually get is the odd helpful link and the rest is spam or infected sites. I have much less of this trouble using google.

Interestingly since I deleted my yahoo email I stopped receiving so much spam in my other email accounts. Coincidence? I think not. Tired of being bombarded with crap that is not at all relevant to what I asked for.


Recurrent customer who has had no problems.

I have been using Amazon for years now and have never found the experience to be a bad one yet. Most of the time everything runs smoothly without a hitch. On occasion items have been delayed in the post but amazon have been helpful. Sometimes items have gone out of stock or there has been a problem with something I have ordered, Amazon have always been quick to resolve or refund. I find their MP3 download service to be exceptional and thoroughly enjoy the wishlist and universal wishlist features.

I would like to voice a concern to Amazon, I have recently heard that NDD items are now sent via Yodel. I urge Amazon to look at the shocking reputation yodel have made for themselves and hope they will reconsider who they do business with. A service with so many complaints will only do damage to any reliable business.


I placed my first order with boohoo this week. Postage was quick, no trouble at all with my order. My only niggle really is that one of the items was not the quality I expected, but it was still nice and for the price I can't really grumble too much. All in all it is nice to see a company that can do business without a hitch. Will use them again (as long as they never use yodel!!) and recommend them.


Absolutely appauling!!

So I ordered a package from 'Very' who use Yodel as a delivery service. The day of my expected delivery arrived, I waited in all day, at around 8pm I was informed my package had been delivered and signed for. Funny.... I hadn't seen a single delivery man all day and I sure as hell hadn't signed for anything. I followed this up with 'very' for about a week, they were a waste of time so I retrieved my tracking number from them and went to yodel directly. My package appeared to be missing. It was found after a couple of days and was told they would deliver the next day. I took yet another day off work, and again no package. This time I was told there was no access to my property.... this is a working farm I live on of course there is access to my property!!! How do you expect this farm to operate as a business with no access? Furthermore how do other delivery men manage?!!! So I called and complained. I was told it would be delivered the next day. It unfortunately snowed and my package was delayed (this is understandable) so I was told when the snow cleared delayed packages would take priority for delivery. The snow cleared, I was told my package would be delivered, another 14hours sat in waiting and surprise surprise no delivery man. Infact the tracker had not been updated. Turns out the package is missing again. For the second time the package was found, I was promised delivery again. Yet another day sat in waiting FOR NOTHING. By this point I was getting pretty ticked off so I called customer services who informed me my package was not even in transit!!! The last person I spoke to told me it was so I was lied to! I asked for it to be prepared for collection, I was sick of waiting in, I was assured this would happen and that I could collect. I arrived at the depot to find nope the package is not there and must be with the driver who apparently attempted to deliver yesterday (he did not), but was then told he was off sick (so how exactly did he try to deliver then?!!!). This morning a delivery arrived. My front door was wide open and I was stood in the livingroom. I watched the delivery man, drive right past my door, throw my package in a stable, and drive off. No knock on the door, no acknowledgement of my being there, no acknowledgement for the welfare of the horses who could have quite easily had a nibble on the plastic bag, no respect for my package, and most importantly NO SAFE PLACE WAS AUTHORISED!!! This is a working farm, the stables we have here are rented out to customers, there are numerous people accessing the farm on a daily basis, any one of which could have taken the package, not to mention the damage to package from animals or the threat to the horses!!!! I am sure Yodel would have not been willing to pay the vet bills for a sick animal, or the legal costs that I would have run up while being sued by one of the stable yard customers!!! In total I have run up a good few hours worth of calls (it isn't free to call them you know!!) and lost almost an entire weeks worth of wages from my supply job! The disrespect shown by the delivery driver is absolutely appauling, I have made a complaint and I fully intend to take my complaint further. I am extremely upset and unfortunately I am going to have to actively avoid companies that use yodel in future to save myself this kind of cost and hassle again. I would like to note that there are a couple of helpful and sympathetic people who work at yodel customers services. Unfortunately it takes more than a couple of friendly people to make a company work.


Very stressful!

So I ordered 3 items from Very, was given my delivery date and there I was waiting for the package to arrive. It did not. Infact the delivery had been marked as delivered and signed for on the Very website! Funny, I had not signed for or accepted any packages. Turns out the package was lost. "Ok, sometimes these things happen", I thought, and contacted Very customer services. Customer services told me they would investigate and call back in a couple of days... they did not. I called back, customer services apologise, promise to look into it and will call me back.... again they did not. I call them AGAIN, and was told AGAIN someone would call me back, this time within a matter of hours. Surprise surprise THEY DID NOT! In the end someone on the customer services line told me it would be quicker to contact the courier company directly. Over 2 weeks late I finally receive my package, to find 2 of the 3 items are not the sizes stipulated on the size guide and do not fit! I am now going to have to call them agaaaaiinnnnn and arrange sending most of my order back. Wish me luck!!! Size guides are WRONG, delivery service they use is TERRIBLE, and customer service LIE and are USELESS. I don't recommend using them and I won't be wasting my time with them again. Who would have thought a company so big would have found getting some pants to a customer so difficult!!

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