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Andrews & Arnold Ltd (AAISP)

Finally, an ISP with a clue

I've been around the net for a while now - my first experience was at university in 1995 where we obviously had a big fat connection via JANet, but I've since been connected at home via Demon Internet, NTL:home (later Virgin Media Home) and NTL:business (later Virgin Media Business).

I signed up with AAISP after VM Business messed up my house move and left me without connectivity at home for a month - I work from home, so I rely on my internet connection. I have to admit I was dubious about having an ADSL connection after the reliability I had on cable, and the usage caps were a concern.

I needn't have worried. I ordered a BT line through AAISP, and I pay them, so I never have to deal with BT directly. I later learned that I could get an equivalent speed connection but with much higher usage caps if my backhaul connection went through Be Internet - again, AAISP dealt with the switch-over and it all went seamlessly. I have a block of 32 IPv4 addresses and a ridiculous number of IPv6 addresses at my disposal, and it all Just Worked during the switch-over.

The people at AAISP are excellent - even before I signed up, I was chatting to one of their tech guys on IRC, verifying what the service offered and what would be possible. On the odd occasion when I have had troubles they've been nothing less than helpful and informative - last week Be performed some unscheduled maintenance work and my line went down; I sent an SMS to their support number and got a response explaining the situation within minutes. When I had a power outage this week and my ADSL router switched off, I got SMS messages and e-mails informing that my connection had gone off- and on-line.

The pricing structure and caps can be a little daunting, but are really very simple. You pay in advance for a given number of blocks. Peak-time units are smaller than off-peak units, i.e. you get less peak-time data than off-peak data for your money. You can check your usage at any time via a handy web interface, and get a monthly report about predicted over- or under-usage. If you under-use you can carry forward up to one month's allowance to the next month. If you over-use it gets deducted from your next month's allowance. It's all very fair and reasonable.

Over all, I've been extremely satisfied with the service and reliability I've had with AAISP. True there are cheaper options around, but if you're looking for a clueful ISP that offers that bit more, you can't go wrong.

30 January 2013

Reply from AAISP

Thank you James - and everyone else for the recent reviews! We have a new Home::1 tariff - this is a fixed usage amount per month which you can use any time of the day - more info on http://aa.net.uk/broadband-home1.html

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