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BMB Hatchbag

it does the trick at long last -no doggy smells like in the past!

very good and only usggestion would be to offer a little bottle of the silicone degreaser to assist with fitting -so that you have everything you need when you open the parcel

30 January 2013

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Hi George

Thank you for the review - the product that we recommend for cleaning the plastic trim is Auto Glym Intensive Tar Remover. Unfortunately it comes with a "HARMFUL" CAUTION Label on the bottle. If we send it out by Mail/Courier then the parcel is classed as "Hazardous" which means that dispatch is even more expensive than it currently is. The closest alternative to Auto Glym Tar Remover is called "Sticky Stuff" this can be bought at Lakeland Plastics - the manufacturer has also sent us some "Trail" wipes - BUT - they too are Classed as HARMFUL...We have tried many other alternative "wipes" but none remove the Silicone better than Auto Glym. NEW BMW's are especially difficult to remove the silicone from.

Auto Glym Tar Remover is a brilliant product to have on your shelf anyway - the GOOD NEWS - it also takes the sticky labels off shoes...!!

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