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Yodel: incompetent, rude and liars

I ordered a book for my daughter, via Amazon for Christmas, along with several other items intended as gifts. All the other items arrived promptly and with courtesy, except for this one book. Eventually it arrived, three weeks later, on the 28th December. Attached to the package was a label, claiming that delivery had been attempted SIX times since Yodel's receipt of the package on the 7th December. Since I was housebound due to a broken leg, there's no way I would have missed someone ringing my doorbell, as had happened on the 28th.
So where had my parcel been, and why claim six previous attempts at delivery which weren't true?

The story doesn't end there. My partner purchased an item via an eBay seller in November. The seller sent this item via Yodel. It has never arrived.
The seller has washed his hands of the affair, saying that he's fulfilled his obligations.
Yodel, apparently, have attempted delivery THIRTEEN times. My partner has seen or heard nothing from Yodel, and when he telephones to enquire (since he has a parcel tracking number) my partner is spoken to rudely and told a pack of lies about there being no-one at home - my partner is also housebound due to illness - but we're pretty sure we'd have heard at least one of the thirteen attempts at delivery, and if not, then our neighbours would have done.

Yodel: couldn't be relied upon to piss down their own legs without missing.

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