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from Very disappointed in February.... to content in March

I ordered our furniture from Worldstores on the 26th of January 2013. I notified via the online form, on the 26th of January, that I don't want delivery before the 2nd of February due to the fact that we only receive our house key on the 2nd of February.
The customer service consultant said they cannot do anything about it as they use different suppliers with different couriers.
I accepted this, because I thought we should at the very least receive a phone call or text the day before or maybe an hour before the delivery arrives... that way I can shoot through to the address and load it in my truck... the first part of the delivery went okay... the second part were randomly delivered today and given to a stranger to sign...only reason why i found out is the fact that the guy that is renovating the house contacted me.
Why doesn't Worldstores advertise more clearly that they will gladly take the money out of your account the moment you place the order, but cannot guarantee customer service. I cannot send a normal email to has to be the online form... I can make a phone call ...but must be willing to spend a fortune on the phone call... just to get a service consultant who cannot care less.
If I had to get a pre-warning request from a customer that just placed an order, I would've relayed the message to the stores/suppliers/couriers involved. Surely Worldstores must have contact with their suppliers??
How do I know if the goods delivered today is not damaged?
How do I know if the person who signed would keep my goods safe (let alone I would have to go find out who it is first)
I still have a few items that should be delivered and so worried what is going to happen to it... when/if we will receive it just going to be dumped with a random person...
I hope someone from Worldstores can contact us and change this situation to a good experience.... (February)

(March) Worldstores recovery since I posted my issue above. The two ladies, Kate & P, in the customer services tried their best to fix this for me, although everytime they tried to fix it, one of their business partners...couriers or suppliers, let them down. It is unfortunate that it happened, but I am glad that they tried hard to fix it. That means a lot and it puts faith back into ordering from WorldStores... your order might not be delivered as promised, but there's two ladies in customer services that will try sort it out for you.
Considering WorldStores are pretty much doing the same type of business as Amazon... maybe WorldStores should apply the same SLAs as Amazon. The service from Amazon is top notch and their suppliers and couriers have to keep to it.
Great range of products, great customer service ladies (Kate & P).... now just to get those suppliers and couriers in line

30 January 2013

Reply from

Dear Lindelee Ross

Thank you for your feed back with regards to your shopping experience with Worldstores

Firstly I would like to apologise for the inconvenience we have caused you for not contacting you prior to your delivery, and that your order was not signed by you directly

We will investigate you order further as a matter of priority and will ensure that one of our complaints specialist will contact you shortly.

Please do sincerely accept our apology and be assured that we will get this resolved for you.

Kind regards

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