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Useless unless you speak Indian!

After taking a 24month contract out for my 14 year old son on Orange through Car Phone Warehouse, we moved house, promised by the salesman that the new house had a moderate coverage (didn't mention this did not include Internet!)...low and behold the phone has NO COVERAGE whatsoever, not for texts or calls let alone Internet!!! Went to Car Phone Warehouse - they can't help, your contract is with Orange, ooook, so I go to Orange...i have spoken to Orange customer service (which is a term loosely used by Orange...) on a number of occasions, since 8th of Jan to be precise...below are a number of responses:
1. You do have signal in your area, it says so on our website, just not for Internet - my response, I know what it says but I am telling you there is no coverage.
2. Sorry madam your right there is definitely no coverage but we don't have to do anything about that (by the way the website is still the same FALSE information)
3. Yes we can apply for disconnection but a manager has to do that, I'll get it sorted for you
4. Sorry madam nobody has applied for disconnection, I'll do that for you but you'll have to pay probably and give us the phone back - my response, but isn't the cost of the phone in the contract? Apparently not, so don't be fooled by your salesman again when they tell you that's why it's soooo expensive!
5. Sorry madam, I know I told you I would ring you or I would get a manager to ring you but I just can't explain why I have failed to keep my promises (note, this happens at least three times)
6. I will apply to head office for disconnection, we'll get back to you.

Each time I have called since, I am told the same as response 4 & 5 above. I am nearly a month later and yesterday I get a phone call

Orange: are you available to speak to a manager madam
Me: yes please
Orange: (after being on hold for 6 minutes) I'm sorry there aren't any managers available, I'll have to get him to ring you back in half an hour


Anyway a long story short, I am stuck with a phone that does not work, paying £26 a month, still waiting for confirmation of whether I can have the phone disconnected or not and if I have to pay or not...let alone I still await the call from the manager and to find out if I have to give the phone back!

I have also contacted Ofcom...the consumer protector...who can do NOTHING!

Looked into the official Orange complaints procedure - you can't complain until they have done nothing for 8 weeks.

Asked for a signal booster which orange say they will provide- can't have one and have no explanation as to why.

Been into store, they don't do customer service, you have to ring India.

This is a small irritation in comparison to the above however, I have had to ask the same poor response to be repeated a number of times because I don't speak Indian ( I could have probably learnt in the time it has taken!) and the hold message repeats to you 'orange are committed to excellent customer service and our calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes'...no wonder the service is repeatedly shocking if new members are trained to respond with the same rubbish!

FINALLY, the free customer service number only works from an orange phone...funnily enough OURS DOESN'T WORK!!!!

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