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bOnline has got everything right

At first I was skeptical and wondered how well it's going to workout.
I've never built a website before and I don't think I ever will, that is from scratch.
With bOnline and their templates, all you have to worry about is the content. And who knows best about content for my business other than me.
So I let bOnline help me build the sites with their expertise and I do the content.
I've done two websites with bOnline in as many months and I'm working on a third one with them already. (Actually I didn't need their help much after the first one).
Everyone comments to me how good the websites are and they can't believe when I tell them how easy it was.
At first, I spoke to Jonathan Breen (My Account Manager) who was very helpful and talked me through everything. Then I was past to David Cantan who talked me through how to make changes. Insert pictures and Videos and basically how to manipulate anything that was manipulable!
On top of that, they have a marketing tool attached to it. Granted it is basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but I've never had even basic SEO before so as far as I'm concerned that is a big bonus.
Once I got going and got proficient in adding pages and creating new ones, there was no stopping me.
Jonathan continues to be proactive checking regularly if everything is OK and whether there is anything he can do.
Dave, is the tech guy that I bother every now and then and I always worry if I'm asking too much, but he continues to explain and help with the building of the sites.
It is so good to be in control of your own site, without having to rely on someone else to change things for you or add and take away pages.
On top of all this, bOnline not only provided me with a template for my sites, but included in the same fee they are housing it for me too.
What more can you ask.
Actually I'm a type of person that always asks for more and recently I've been in touch with them with regards to building certain things into the template of the home page and their developers have been very receptive and are looking into it.
You may think from my review that I"m connected to bOnline, I can assure you I'm not. So if you want to check my website that I build with them so far they are;
www.piccolo.uk.co and www,pamaofficesupplies.com
I run several businesses and these two site are the first of many I'll be using bOnline for.
Thank you to bOnline and all the staff I've been involved with and for everything you've provided. May you go from Strength to Strength.

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