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80 year ols lady suffers

They cut me off their email access from the person who tried to help report line dead twice on behalf of my 83 year old mother who had already been charged on a neighbours landline £19.00 that she can ill afford to report the problem that has now gone onto the second week, her landline is dead and she is alone and scared as her phone is connected to a careline center who also cannot help without talktalks assistance, we cannot help as we have debts that we are trying to get out of ourselves, shame on Talktalk


very very shoddy

We thought that this conservatory would last us a lifetime considering the ammount of cash we spent and the quality we expected from Leekes, the old conservatory that never gave us a problem was pulled down to have a more modern and classier one , big mistake, it was years old but warmer than the new one Leekes put in, the workmen rushed the job and warning bells were ringing and we were right, winter came and we might as well have been sitting outside on our deckchair and that is no lie, when you do mange to get through to the vague, forgetful, couldn't care less customer service and the useless project manager who's main concern was to get the cash and to charge us to fix what his workers had broken to have their workers to turn up and fix a problem (there's quite a few) the workers don't spend enough time to make sure the problem is solved which means that with ours they have been back 9 times within two years and it's still not right, we were renovating the house so after the bad experience with the conservatory it was the only project they received from us, few hicups with the bathroom and kitchen with other traders but quickly and correctly fixed, they had pride in their work, respect for their customers and wanted to be recommended to others, word of advice, don't get the imitation tiled roof or better still steer clear of Leekes as we will in future if they have a future that is!!

Total Warehouse

out of stock

Lets you know that they are out of stock and on pre order after you have paid, quite hard to get a response to email and you can only leave a message on telephone then they don't bother to ring you back, I cancelled order and purchased where you can talk to a human being

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