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Big Cup Little Cup

Amazing coffee... the best I have been able to create at home by a long way

Both my husband and I have been blown away by every cup we have had. We prefer longer, milkier coffees and so went for the 'Big Cup' options. They were all absolutely delicious. I see no reason for us to go anywhere else for coffee ever again!


Great discounts. Good products. Delivery too slow. Customer Service appalling

I use ACHICA a lot and I think the discounts are fabulous, as are the products (although there is not much variety). However, the time it takes to deliver an item is usually 6-10 weeks. Given the cost of postage diminishes the discount (where stores might offer no postage cost on items over a certain amount), adding in the wait for the item, really makes me consider whether the discount is worth it or whether I would just prefer to buy it in-store, particularly if the store is having a sale. Overall, I think that the offering is great for items that are non-essential / nice to haves... where one does not mind waiting for them as there is no urgent need.

In addition, I have found your support function really unhelpful. At a time when I was unable to buy something I wanted, I was not given sufficient assistance to resolve the matter. This occurred for 8 weeks, with me not being able to buy anything, in spite of my continued efforts, until I contacted the CEO who oversaw the resolution of my issue. Had it not been for him, I would not have been able to continue using ACHICA, even if I had been minded to do so, having been given so little assistance. I just wonder how many good customers there are like me, who did not have access to the CEO, you might have lost as a result of an unhelpful/ uncooperative help desk.

Hope this is of assistance.


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