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John Lewis

Customer service goes out the window if you're getting something delivered

I've had a bad experience with John Lewis' delivery service recently, with rude and unpleasant delivery men. They objected to carrying some items up the stairs, and were quite unpleasant about it - looking back now I find this odd as their job is to deliver furniture and other items, which you would reasonably expect would need to be carried up stairs to flats in the normal course of their duties. I phoned to complain afterwards and the person in the call centre said they'd pass my comments on to the customer service department, but there didn't seem to be anything they could do beyond that.

The delivery driver phoned 40 minutes before arriving and asked if I had a lift and which floor I was on, I said there's no lift and it's the 3rd floor. When he arrived he kept saying to me "why did you say it's the 3rd floor when it's the 4th?". Well it is a 3rd floor flat, so it is the 3rd floor, I didn't know what else to say. If stairs are a problem John Lewis should ask what floor it is when you place the order, and if they wished to charge extra because there are some stairs they could do so, but as they don't ask for this information I didn't think it would be a problem.

The men were visibly angry and expressed this in quite a confrontational way, I could hear them swearing as they carried the items up the stairs. I understand it is hard work but this doesn't give a good impression to the neighbours, some of whom have young children in the block. Their anger seemed to be aimed mainly at John Lewis for not telling them about the stairs, rather than at me personally, but nonetheless it was making me very uncomfortable.

I can't recommend John Lewis delivery service again after this, it's very disappointing as I thought it was worth paying a bit extra for good service but clearly John Lewis' good customer service record doesn't extend to their delivery operations.

On the plus side, they did deliver the correct products and always picked up the phone quite promptly when I called their call centre. They were very slow to reply to emails though, but once I picked up the phone instead there was not a problem there.

I can only imagine that John Lewis are unable or unwilling to train their delivery drivers with the same levels of customer service that you get from their staff in store, I would advise anyone who orders online to keep this in mind.

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