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Not impressed

Wanted to quickly get rid of my iPhone 4S and naively went with the company that was offering the most money. Sent my iPhone by special delivery which cost £6 to find that when they tested my phone although it was working it was found to have water damage, so I was therefore offered less than half my original offer. I would see this as fair however to my knowledge my phone has never had contact with water, no where near enough to cause water damage anyway. I then find out I have to pay £5 to have them send it back! (which im sure will take much longer than thenext day delivery I had used) Totally my fault for not reading the small print but what a waste of time and money! I have spoke to a friend and he suggested that maybe rain water may have caused the damage which could be feaseable but doubtful... I'm pretty convinced this was a cheap shot at trying to lower their cost. Hopefully phone will come back ok and I can sell privately instead, as the phone was fine! Massive waste of time but two lessons learnt, 1- don't be so greedy and 2- read the small print!! Oh and I have just been advised by them that I need to pay £10 to have my phone sent back, I only paid £6 for special delivery to get it there so now they want to make £4 off me as well these guys really are something else a complete joke please don't use! Use a trusted site such as [Link] etc instead may not be as good a price but much better service! Lessons learnt!

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02 February 2013

Reply from Bozowi


Thank you for your feedback. There are many ways a handset can be exposed to water damage and in most cases the consumer is unaware, we are unable to say how this may have occurred. Luckily with all iphones it is easy to determine if the phones have water damage as there are 2 external indicators which turn pink when exposed to water, on your handset at least one of these is pink for us to class the phone as having water damage.

We do not fabricate faults to reduce the price hence the reason we send back phones if you do not accept the revised price, upon receipt of which you can confirm the water ingress for yourself. There are many recyclers who will not return the handset and you have no choice but to accept the reduced price. We operate in a fair and ethically manner processing 1000’s of handset per week for countless satisfied customers.

Your phone does work but the indicators show that it has been exposed to liquid or moisture at some time which will eventually lead to the failure of the handset further down the line hence the reason we offer a reduced price. We apply the same policy as all mobile phone manufacturers who void their warranty if they find the slightest signs of liquid damage. You phone will be returned to you via special delivery. For every handset that we end up sending back results in significant operating losses for ourselves, therefore we only reduce prices were absolutely necessary.

Our condition for not having any liquid damage is not hidden in any small print, if you select any product on our site below there is a list of criteria that is clearly displayed and the 5th point down under the working criteria is “No liquid or physical damage” this is displayed on each and every product page.

I am sorry you feel convinced that we have fabricated the liquid within your handset but I can assure you this is simply not the case and when you receive the handset back you will be able to satisfy yourself of this.

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