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Brilliant Product. Brilliant Service.

My opinion says it all really. The company was recommended to me by my partner, who has used ecigwizard a number of times previously - and had no reservations in assuring me it was a company to be trusted. She's nobodys fool, and of course she was correct..!!

The product itself..the variable voltage Lavatube. In terms of vaping this really is a fantastic little unit. OK, so to use it you need some different component parts than you may be using on your more conventional batteries - variable voltage or otherwise - and if not buying an 'all in one' kit, will need to shop around yourself for the best deal on batteries and charger.

Is it worth it though given this ?

Oh most certainly is. The tube itself cannot be described as 'sleek', it's not. But neither is it ugly. Bold, largish and reassuringly solid when using it were my first impressions. The method of ensuring that the Lavatube delivers a consistent output from the battery is - in my opinion - it's selling point. Unlike most batteries where they lose charge, and the potency of your vape trails off, this evenly dishes out the power at whatever setting you've selected until it runs out...perfect.

The one surprise in terms of the advertising of this product, is that they don't make mention of what is a very desirable function on the system - namely the ability to check how much battery power you have left. Was puzzled by this ommission I must admit. Simply press the red power button in quick succession 6 or 7 times when you put on a new battery. The fully charged capacity (4.1 in my case) will appear on the screen. As you use the device this reduces in values of 0.1. Once down to 3.1 you should change batteries out..or similarly wait until it reaches 3,0 - where upon that's all the juice used, and will stop working in any event.

You almost certainly find the black button for vaping very solid and very clicky..sometimes a bit reluctant to pop back up after pressing..although a minute jiggle of it solves this problem easily. In fact it's not a 'problem'..this phenomenom is due to the robust build quality, as these things are meant to over time that slight occasional sticking will wear away as you and your Lavatube bond and become closer..!!

I may only have had my tube for a week, but my partner has had hers the best part of a year, and from combined experience can assure you that the observations so far are accurate, impartial and truthful. Had it not been for her owning one - which I tried & loved - I may well have thought it looked too 'fiddly' and easy to damage. Fact is, it is neither of these things - quite the opposite in fact. If you are a serious 'vaper', then I can guarantee with virtual certainty, this is a new direction (and equipment) in the vaping world which will leave you with no regrets.

As for batteries - I recommend the 18650 3.7V 2000mAh. That's my preference anyways. I vape only tobacco liquids..none with sweetners (eg Sweet RY4), and find for me that a setting of 4.6 produces a wonderful effect - with the battery lasting usually a day and a half - that's with fairly heavy vaping. Just mentioned this as a guide.

Hope this has helped some, and best of luck to you all - whether you choose the Lavatube or not.

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