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How can anyone leave a low rating here?

Come on people, how could a person legitimately leave a negative review for EVERYONE uses it. If you don't like using it, then you don't have to... but I don't see this becoming a problem for anyone. Sure, there are legitimate complaints about changes such as the dreaded "Timeline", but after a few weeks, these changes are just a part of everyday life. In actuality, the changes haven't been horrible. They do take a little getting used to, but in the long run, they end up creating a much user friendly environment in the social media market. I simply don't see Facebook going the way of MySpace anytime soon.

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Completely in love with the website is my favorite place to order pizza. It's quick, easy and there are always great deals available on the site. I often get three pizzas, an order of wings, and even the large sandwiches that they offer for only $5 a piece when ordering online. The website then has an updater that shows me the progress of my pizza. I can literally follow where my pizza is from the time my order is placed until the delivery person is knocking on my front door. Domino's also offers much better online deals than other companies like Papa Johns or Pizza Hut. And unlike the "$5 ready anytime" pizzas at other places, the quality of the food doesn't suffer due to the price.

Identity Guard®

Pleasantly surprised

I had gotten kind of worried over the past few years about the possibility of having my identity stolen. My son told me this was unlikely to happen, but then my best friend informed me that someone had managed to open a credit card account and get a cell phone with her 7 year old daughter's information. Sadly, I it took me a while to find Identity Guard. I definitely wanted to be protected, but I found no company before Identity Guard that would let me try out the service. Luckily, I was able to try Identity Guard for two weeks without committing to anything, and I was thrilled with the service. I currently only have the Silver level membership, and it makes sure that my identity and financial information stays safe. I've even added my grand daughter to my plan, so there's no chance of her credit being ruined before she even turns ten.

I absolutely love this service and wouldn't trade it for the world.

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