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Brilliant customer service kept their promises

I ordered three ps4 games for my sons Christmas present. There was a mistake made and ps3 games were delivered by accident. I phoned the company and spoke to Leanne who was incredibly helpful. She arranged collection of the incorrect games and delivery of my order. This was my very best experience of customer service with any company. I cannot fault the way they dealt with this mistake they are a lovely company to deal with thank you

Westin Gourmet


I was recommended to Westin Gourmet by a friend and had been looking forward to the steak and rose veal. I am afraid that both were disappointing the steaks (we had both sirloin and rib eye) were fatty and grissly. The osso bucco veal cuts were also disappointing huge bones and very little meat. I feel very sad that this was not as expected. Probably wont bother again.

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01 April 2013

Reply from Westing Gourmet

Hi Liz,

Thanks for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear that you were unhappy with some of the items from your order. It was nice to talk to you and get this resolved. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best,

Westin Gourmet


Home shopping farce

Having been a home shopping customer for nearly 3 years with a few little ups and downs but on the whole great value and service I have just experienced the most upsetting 18 hours where I have been lied to by staff and led a merry dance.
My delivery was due last night between 6 and 8pm - when it got to 8.15 with no phone call from Asda I called the customer services number - waited for 25 minutes to be told that the gentleman would phone the store and call me back - by 9.45 I was getting concerned that no one had called me back so I phoned again. This time I was put on hold and then told that a van had broken down but that my shopping would definitely be with that night. I waited up until midnight but no shopping and no phone call.

This morning I phoned customer services and was helped by a very kind man who promised to phone the store to confirm that my delivery would come out today and phone me back.

He has now called me back to tell me that the store has told him that the delivery cannot be made today or at all and that the store have cancelled the order. I was told that he spoke to a man called Lee in Home delivery at Watford. He was then kind enough to give me the store's number so I could speak to them directly. I called the store and asked to speak to Lee but was told that he was not available so I had to speak to Steve who said that he was the Home Delivery Manager. I asked him why the store had cancelled the order and was told that customer services had cancelled the order. I asked him why I was not called and he then tried to fob this off as customer services fault not his - now I have to be clear here that when there has been a problem in the past the store has called me. He sounded like he was laughing at me and told me that it is tough luck there is nothing he can do, apparently I cancelled the order, he has nothing on his system, he cannot deliver to me today and would not do anything to sort it out. He spent the entire conversation blaming everyone but himself and his department.

The bottom line was that Asda do not care they pass you from pillar to post hoping you will go away and stop bothering them.

Not having a delivery is frustrating but had they taken the time to contact me I would not have felt forced to stay up late and been unable to go to the shop to buy some milk etc.

The 'manager' at Watford branch Steve does not think he should do anything about this situation and does not think it is his problem, he does not think that he should have made sure that I was called or taken any responsibility for this situation.

Disgraceful Asda

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