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A cautionary tale for those who are considering buying something from this company:

1. 05.12.12 Day 1. Went on Redhill Appliances' website. Two dishwashers in stock of the model I wanted. Ordered one.
2. 06.12.12 Day 2.Voicemail message, "Not in stock, on order from supplier. Delivery 7-10 days."
3. 07.12.12 Day 3. Money taken from my credit card.
4. 19.12.12 Day 15. 12 days after voicemail promise. No dishwasher and no word from Redhill Appliances. Telephoned. “Er, we’ve had a delivery today but your order is not in the consignment. Delivery won’t be until the New Year.” I replied, “This is most disappointing, I’m cancelling the order.” “OK, can you put that in writing?” I e-mailed confirmation. Bought from John Lewis. 48-hour delivery.
5. 20.12.12 Day 16. Telephoned Redhill to enquire about my refund, spoke to “Graham”. “I’m arranging a refund for you now.”
6. 29.12.12 Day 25. No refund. Telephoned Redhill, spoke to “Adam”. “Cancellation received 21.12.12, we’ll refund within 5-7 days. We do have up to 30 days from the date of cancellation.” This is correct as confirmed in Redhill’s terms and conditions on their website. However, it irked. Afterall, it took only 48 hours to remove money from my credit card account.
7. 22.01.13 Day 48. No refund. Telephoned Redhill, spoke to “Thomas”. “Refund in 3-5 days.”
8. 29.01.13 Day 55. No refund. 10:02 hours, telephoned Redhill, spoke to “Thomas”. “Can you put everything in writing?” he asked. “No.” I replied, “I already have and you confirmed receipt on December 29 2012.” “OK, I’ll get the manager to telephone you.”
9. 29.01.13 Day 55 15:00 hours. No return call from manager. Telephoned. Spoke to “Adam”. “Refund was actioned this morning, it will be with you within-3-5 days.”
10. 31.01.13 Day 57. Refund in my credit card account.

So, after some six broken promises and six telephone calls to Redhill - none of which were returned, my refund was made nine days after the legal maximum that Redhill acknowledge on their website. Do you want to buy from them . . . ?

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