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Awful. Can't process payment, Customer Service rude. Suspect a scam

Me: "I have twice tried to book a flight through your website in the last 24 hours. The payment goes through and the reservation made, and then it gets cancelled a few hours later and the money refunded. What's going on?"
BravoFly Customer Service: "I don't know. There seems to be a technical fault."
Me: "Yes, your colleague said that yesterday when the first one got cancelled. Well, what can I do to make it work? I need to book this flight before the price goes up and --"
BravoFly: "Oh, Jesus, I DON'T KNOW! OK? I DON'T KNOW."
Me: "Okayyyy... so what do you suggest I do?"
BravoFly: "Just book with a different company."
Me: "Yes. Yes, I think I will."

Both times, I tried to make the payment through PayPal (because BravoFly charge extortionate fees for Visa cards - £7.50). There was £200 credit in my PayPal account — more than enough to cover the £73 cost of the flight.

Looking on other message boards, this "cancellation" seems to be not just common with BravoFly, but almost the norm whenever people try to pay through PayPal. Could they just be cancelling these flights because they don't get to apply the credit card mark-up?

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