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Its hard to imagine how anybody could have made a bigger mess of my order for tiles

I am still trying to get my order corrected at the time of writing. I am not sure I will succeed and may need to abandon the project altogether and get a refund. This order cos over £2000. I received boxes of completely random tiles I didn't order. The tiles I did order were therefore short and also consisted of a mixture of 2 batches. When I ordered replacement tiles of a certain batch the wrong batch was despatched. I have spent hours phoning and taking photos of tiles and sending them in only to have cutover services say they can't find the message when I put the order no in the subject line and had an automatic reply that my message was received. Every time we call we wait to get through and speak to a different person. Noone responds up my emails. I have received endlescemIls advertising their sale and a delightful standard message reminding me that today was my last day to report any problems with my order. When you spend this amount of money on a product you expect a good service. The actual productive very nice if only I could receive the complete correct order I paid for. Very poor service.

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