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Poor product, patchy technical support, atrocious communication

Ironically, the recent advertising campaign with Usain Bolt has meant that broadband is so oversubscribed in my area (London SE18) that it's slowed to a crawl. Imagine how fast Bolt would be if he had to jostle wih hundreds of other runners on the same strip of track. Imagine Bolt crawling at a snail's pace, stopping completely, then walking very slowly, then tripping over and falling flat on his face. And staying on his face for days, sometimes weeks, without stirring. That's my experience with VM broadband.

Imagine now, that Bolt calls for support. His doctor arrives. Bolt complains about a twisted elbow. The doctor takes out a small yellow sponge and wipes Bolt's buttock. The doctor, you see, can't tell one from the other and is arrogant enough to believe that his clients are mugs who can't tell the difference between useless snake oil and real diagnostics and treatment.
Then the doctor tells Bolt he'll need an operation to fix his knee. He sets a date for the operation in three months time. The day the operation is due to be done, the operation date is moved to 2 months in the future. This delay is repeated for at least a year. That's my experience with VM technical support.

Imagine now, that Bolt has paid the doctor a lot of money for a premium service. Bolt writes to the doctor asking for a refund due to the abysmal care he has received. The doctor fails to respond to repeated complaints. That's my experience of VM customer services

Poor product, poor delivery, inadequate support and abysmal communication.

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