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Never an issue, ever...

When something goes wrong with order this is THE company to follow in regards with time and way they treat customer. Outstanding. I have dealt with for over 8 years now. NOT A SINGLE ISSUE. Awesome. Of course, beware of marketplace 3rd party companies. I use them rarely and always try to pay by Credit Card rather than Debit Card. It keeps you safe.
I would even rather pay 10-15% more on by Amazon) for product knowing that if it goes faulty I will not have any trouble either replacing it or get a refund.
Amazing Amazon.

Custom Cable

Massive disappointment! Bad, Bad, Bad customer service!!!

What a waste of my time and money. Spoke with one guy online and got nice deal on speakers cable after few minutes of chat. Assured my speakers cable with be made as soon as possible and ALL IS IN STOCK. After two days I decided to chase it, not that Im impatient but to see exactly what they will say (test which I perform on stores I deal for the first time). Chatted again with the same man. Could not find out what is happening with my order. Said he will email details. Did not happen. Called them late afternoon and been told that cables are made and there is just an issue with internet? and they are having problem with dispatch. Im only assuming that the time between my chat and afternoon call has been spent on making those cables. Next day morning Ive got my cables. Nice one-special delivery for impatient customer. But it appeared they terminated my cables with cheap version of QED airlock that is not even available when placing order (only QED airloc forte is possible). Emailed them straight away(9:05am) with photos. No reply. At noon I chased same guy on chat. He says indeed there was a mixup??? and unfortunately QED airloc forte is out of stock????? BUT STILL they decided not to tell me about by even lying and sending product I did not order and maybe will not notice the difference??? WT.? So Im only assuming they treat other customers like idiots as well. I did get bit more discount but it was only after my advise/idea and after me chasing incorrect product.
Appalling customer service. Lack of professionalism and even a tiny bit of respect to customer.
If you order something and it is what you have ordered it will probably be fine but beware if its not right.
Never ever coming back.


Excellent customer Service and products

Every store that deals with complaint/refund/return/damage item in a prompt and appropriate manner needs to be praised. Amazing customer service after receiving damaged goods. Reply I would not even complain if it was next day but it was within 3 min!!!
Highest marks and product I know my 3 year old princess will fall in love!
Outstanding store. I will definitely come back for more.



Company is a Joke. But trust me they will foul you with quite professional approach at the beginning. Box arrived. Courier picked up laptop. BUT... IT took 3 WEEKS TO assess laptop(says on website when logged in). Contact is extremely Limited. Phone number provided is never answered. During working hours it says that all agents are busy but after hours it says that office is closed now and opening hours are... . I tried at least 50-60 times. It is exactly the same. Tried mother company "[External link removed]"- exactly the same issue with landline. The only person that makes contact with you is [Name Removed] and its an email. Emails received are completely bonkers. No questions answered just the same schematic that system is automated and you need to log in , in order to see what is going on with your order.
All in all. My Laptop priced at £240 has been picked up by UPS on the 27th OF DECEMBER 2012, and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MONEY FOR IT. I have forwarded case to Fraud Department but also will inform them about breach of contract and will forward case to small case Court.

****update - after 35 days Ive just received my money****

WHAT a coincidence- a day after my review!!!


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