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Abel & Cole


Prices are VERY high for everything.

What do you expect it's organic but if you see other sites like online shopping there are many alternatives and are organic.
This company got its name publicity and all so many people recommend yet they don't know they're many out there doing exact same service at reasonable prices.

TRY it once few times maybe or be a regular!
But keep in mind there are professional sites doing same thing for cheaper. Just got to look around and be smart than going for the one that's got more colour to it!


When it comes to Service we go further.... The motto

Parcel2Go chat assistance is so true the motto:
"When it comes to service, we go further".
i had some difficulties when accidentally booked next working day while needed for next day saturday has i booked on Friday! So i was pretty nervous at the mistake i made has there were no option to edit! Ashley with chat assistance guided me all the way with all replies under 10 seconds! He gave me the link where i could pay a bit (LOT) extra for the service i required!

It did cost a hell lot of money £28.30 but i was covered has my customer paid for that! Keep in mind still cheaper than Royal Mail which would have been £32.40 !

My experience was pretty amazing has it was booked with UPS and changed to TNT with no problems what so ever and no money was lost !

After about 20-30 minutes constant chatting Ashley asked for a favour if i can review at TrustPilot here! So of i went to write my review, luckily Ashely stayed waiting for me and assisted me all the way thru and right NOW he is still here in the chat box waiting for me! Unlike many other employes working for companies Ashley was very sociable, very socialistic the way he spoke, not like a robot, like a human who understands humour :P. Thats what i love about Parcel2Go and strives me to keep using their service!

I would like to personally thank him for his efforts towards me! I hope you use their service and enjoyed my review! Thank you! (was a bit long... !)

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