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Good but some faults

Recently had problems with my broadband and went to talk talk who are just useless, then went to BT who are just con merchants.went back to sky. Got offered deals on movies and sports for my return and over the moon with it. Fibre optic is available in my area soon with sky so happy to stay. My broadband issues this time were sorted very quickly. Maybe luck of the draw with the operator but he was very good and understood and listened to what I had to say.



I recently signed up to a broadband and phone package as had problems with sky. BT offered line rental at 15£ a month with broadband free for 6 months.then it becomes 18£. So 33£ together. I reconsidered after this and phoned to cancel. They offered me the same but broadband at 12£ and when fibre optic broadband goes live in August it would cost no more. So decided to stay. I asked as deal had changed, for BT to send me confirmation by email as my preference for contact. I recieved no email. After a week I phoned up and and found that my email address was nowhere near what I had told them.they even had a different name on my email address!! They asked ME what deal I was on!!!! Turns out that the 12£ broadband isn't unlimited.i was not made aware of this at the time I was offered new deal!! I got out on hold after I told them this wasn't on. I am self employed and would never have taken anything other than unlimited. After 30 mins on hold, I get told my broadband is £11.10. But I don't get 6 months free, has a capped usage and fibre optic broadband might cost me more when it goes live.So have to pay 11.10£ plus 15£ for my line rental from the start to end of 18 month contract. From start to finish BT has been a nightmare. Their customer service was next to useless. I have now gone back to sky who have been brilliant. I will never recommend BT and definately will never use them again. I am just greatful I found out how bad they are before I got connected and caught inside a contract.

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Have had problems with my sky broadband recently and moved to talk talk. The day I ordered talk talk, I reiterated I needed smooth switch as I work from home. I was reassured numerous times it would be. I was told a new line would be installed as part of deal.18£ a month for a year.so I took it.was due for connection on 19th feb, few days ago.on Sunday 17th I receive email that advised me to set up my online account which I did.once on it, it said my router be with me 4 days before connection.well, it was only 2 days to go so i called them. A lady told me that I wouldn't recieved my router until a confirmed appointment was made.( I was given one when I ordered!). I told her i had one. Her response was that there was a delay by BT as they were installing a new line and they were working out how to connect me, was exactly as she said it. I asked why I hadn't been notified of delay and she simply said 'I'm sorry''. So I asked to cancel as not been activated yet. Out through to cancellations team.a guy came on and said all was ok and I was being installed on 19th. I told him what I was told by previous woman and he said he would double check and be 2 minutes. 10 minutes later on hold a different man comes on and says exactly same as the first woman did. I asked to cancel. He said this was standard procedure for a newly installed line. I said I was reassured i would be switched smoothly regardless of a new line or not. I asked how long it would take to get connected and be said 'to be honest i am not sure'. Apparently engineer on 19th was going to assess my property. So i cancelled and went to BT who have assured me that from august fibre optic broadband is available and will be transferred free of charge and will pay no more than what i am now.I've been warned about talk talk before and wish ii had listened. Absolute shambles of a company who don't know what they are doing. Avoid at all costs.


Helpful in every way

I have never had a problem with Vodafone. As I am self employed and get paid at weird intervals, occasionally I need a bit of time to pay my partners, mine and an iPad bill (all on 1 account). Every single time I've had a problem, they've been extremely helpful and very understanding. I have 2 children and work away most of time so need my phone. I agree they are a bit pricey but I've never been helped by any other phone company in this way. Also me and my partner get loyalty offers as we have stuck with them now for a few years and will continue to do so. Even when I went to Caribbean to work, I recieved a bill of 450£ but I'd asked for an extra before I left to be out on to my number to get cheap calls from Caribbean. Turns out it was from uk to Caribbean that was put on my account. Got a refund of 350£ with one phone call. Absolutely brilliant and can see us being with Vodafone for a long time.

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