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Bad policy, never take responsibility!!!

ADORAMA Good company! Good price! But.....
i was purchase tv from Adorama on Jan 15 quick process everything run smooth from the beginning until delivery process
Due to adorama hired manna distribution service home delivery to deliver my tv. The 1st appointment was on Jan 25 from 8am-4pm,(they said tv will arrive at Dallas on Jan 23 but driver do not available to send it out until Jan 25. already 10 days after purchase still fine for me)
On delivery day i have been waiting all day from morning until 4.20pm i decide to call manna to ask about my appointment, the operator said my tv is not arrive at Dallas yet and when i ask where is my tv,and why dont you call and lets me know so i dont need to wait. The operator said not my job to do that and dont know where the tv is. So they ask me to call them back on Jan 28 for re-schedule my tv.
On Jan 28, i though i gonna receive a good news but end up it was worse than i though, my tv was missing!!! Manna ask me to wait for 24 hours for investigation on my case and will call me back to let me know what happened. (never get phone call from them)
on Jan 30 After waiting for 1 day i decide to call Manna and check what going on but end up they ask me for another day so this time i decide to call Adorema to ask about the case (actually i called them on Jan 28 and told them about my missing tv but i have to wait a phone call from Manna in order to open the case that already open or not??)and to confirm that Manna lost my tv. At the end they said i have to wait for 7-10 business day to close the case (i thought i gonna get my tv in 7-10 day but it is not!!! it will be only the paper).
On Jan 31, i called Manna (they never give me a call) to ask them about solution (it's very difficult to contact with them every time i call them i have to wait for at least 30 mins to speak with operator not a machine and another 15 more mins for check for my case. Oh!! by the way i got one phone call from Manna but no one say anything, end up i didn't talk to them yet) After that i decide to call Adorama (which is never call me to let me know any progress on my case) ask them how long i have to wait for my new tv to ship out, they said i have to wait until the case done in order to get a replacement for me. At the end on one take responsibility from this case, i know this is not Adorama's fault but they should ship me a new tv right away after they find out that it has something wrong during delivery process but they never did. only thing come out from them is sorry, you have to wait. it's our policy that have to wait until the case done in order to ship out a new unit. So on one care only me have to take consequence i paid for my tv almost a month but i have no chance to see or feel it yet may be i have to wait for another month or two.

For who ever want to buy anything from adorama please READ this carefully and make sure that you can wait if something like this happened!

03 February 2013

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Dear Pang

I was so sorry to read of your experience, and firstly would like to offer a deep and sincere apology for the disappointment that has been caused to you by the failure of the carrier to take adequate care in fulfilling your recent order.

From the series of events you describe, I am not surprised that you are frustrated, and wish there was something I could say to make you feel less angry. I do also appreciate completely why you would be reluctant to consider shopping at Adorama again. In your shoes, I may well be feeling the same way.

There are, indeed, a number of excellent retailers who offer equally competitive terms and comprehensive inventories, so I understand fully that my email alone could not restore your faith in Adorama. All I can do now is apologize that we caused you such inconvenience and failed so badly to meet your expectations.

It is by customers such as you bringing matters like this to our attention that we can continue to improve the service that we provide to all our customers; we will indeed be working with Manna to establish how and why you and other valued customers were let down so badly, and do everything we can to ensure that this could never happen again.

If you would like to discuss this, please do email me directly:

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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