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Don't trust the constant re-pricing

Maybe I am paranoid. I used expedia for years for all business travel. Then I see a pattern that more and more trips are re-priced at the last minute after you have filled in everything and can't be bothered to start again. I don't mean where you hold a reservation for days but literally if it takes a minute to fill in the details. It feels like they quote a lower fee to beat a search engine and then adjust the fees according to the historic price sensitivity of the user. Works a few times but now I use ebookers. Moral is don't rip off your loyal customers.


Better than expedia

I used to use expedia for all my business travel, but I noticed that more and more often the price would mysteriously go up just as you confirm the booking. I'm pretty convinced it is just a scam to increase their margin. Ebookers does seem cheaper or about the same and they dont do the last minute re-price.

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