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Check zips and seams

Bought a large Gill bag for honeymoon diving trip. Zips all seized up due to salt water corroding the alloy zips, some of them broke - check that they are brass or other rial that will suffer salt water well.

One seam came undone so the end pocket now hangs off and looks a mess, there was insufficient material in the seam.

Yes, I did contact them, twice, but they would only offer me a very small discount on a new bag. Not even a "oh dear, that shouldn't have happened".


Boots failed - would not replace

I bought some serious and quite expensive Goretex walking boots. These were "Peter Storm", Millets own brand. After two years of light use, perhaps six miles a week, the leather split along the join to the soles, on both boots. The holes were two inches long. I had taken reasonable care of the boots and kept them polished.

I took them into Millets and they said there was nothing they could do. I insisted that they pass them back up the line so that their quality control people could assess them. They phoned me back after a month to say that they would not replace or even offer a partial refund.

I also bought a Peter Storm waterproof jacket a while back. Some of the seams have come apart due to poor workmanship.

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