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DX - Just have pigeons deliver your stuff.

Step 1 - Have an incredibly important visa document sent to you via DX.
Step 2 - Understandably receive a card to arrange delivery as My partner and I were not in.
Step 3 - Arrange a redelivery to your work address to make absolutely sure you get it.
Step 4 - They do not turn up but send you a letter anyway saying that the delivery attempt failed. (Not allowed to change from the original address apparently :S)
Step 5 - Arrange another deliver via the website and successfully receive a confirmation message.
Step 6 - Take a day off work and wait.
Step 7 - Get impatient and decide to call them ( Only the automated/useless number on their website so use: 0800 0197 847)
Step 8 - Let them tell you that you must have made a mistake... What was I thinking when I selected my rescheduled date and hit SEND?
Step 9 - Listen to them tell you that they refuse to put their manager on and that it will be 4 days until you can just pick it up yourself.
Step 10 - Suggest that you just pick it up now.
Step 11 Give up as there are still about 100 steps I could add to this.
Step 12 - Do not recommend that they use carrier pigeons as you just feel silly afterwards. Also, they might actually try to use them and some things may just be too heavy for the pigeons.

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