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T-Mobile- Worst mistaker ever!

I have been a customer of T-mobile for about a year, I have never had any problems to contact them about, so really no no issues at all for a while.

Until I made the HORRIFIC MISTAKE of getting my boyfriend involved in a contract with T-Mobile.
My problem with T-mobile has escalated for so long, that it is hard to even talk about it without feeling extremely frustrated.

All I really want to say, is that if you ever have an issue with T-mobile please do not expect to get any type of customer service from them.

1) They obviously have no interest at all in looking after their customers, new or existing, because they simply do not train their staff sufficiently to deal with issues correctly, at the very least to give you the right information.

2)Even when they have made an error and they know it they will promise to fix things but this sadly NEVER happens.

To the point that after 10th complaint to fix subsequent problems that have risen from their lack of training and their customer services complete ineptitude to deal with even the simplest requests, you still have solved nothing.

3)You then try to speak to someone higher up after you have exhausted all other avenues. Only to find that even this is not possible.

To finalize T-Mobile have cost me and boyfriend a huge amount of money, time and energy, they have driven me to rage, and still the problem is not fixed after nearly a month of calls.

After the many issues with just receiving the handset, my boyfriend never received his phone in the end, and he explained to T-mobile that he did not want to use T-mobile because they had let him down before even he had started his contract with them, and they still had the cheek to ask for a cancellation charge, and debited his account with his monthly charge.

I have never written a review about any company, however the experience I have had with T-Mobile HAS BEEN SO BAD I just had to share it. I very much doubt T-Mobile will do anything about this. I really do not think they care as long as they are making money!!!
That's the impression I get! VERY SAD!

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