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On September 10th 2012 I placed an order for an eames desk chair.
Initially the delivery was planned for the 14th of January 2013 (the said maximum delay of 18 weeks)
Pretty soon after, and only because I checked online myself, I found out the date was changed to February 25 2013 (another 6 weeks later bringing the total lead time to 24 weeks). When I inquired about this by email I was told that it was due to delays by the supplier but the product could arrive any time soon!
Logged in again after January 14th to find that I was eligible for a 10% credit on my order. But not cash, just credit applicable to another purchase from the website.
Last time I checked the delay was pushed backwards again and the expected delivery is now the week beginning 18th of March 2013 (27/28 weeks after order, more than half a year). The reason: quality issues.
I can see this one coming: we are going for the magical 34 weeks after which an order can be cancelled free of charge! If all customers get this treatment it basically means that this company is getting free funding from the customers (for free because I doubt customers who get the credit are willing the renew the buying experience)! Note though that nothing in this world is for free, I am not willing to finance this business for free.
Infurn promises things that it can not deliver and you have here a very disappointed customer who will not order again! It should get it's supplier under control and not make any promises it can not hold. Until such time that customer orders can actually be met timely and without having customers loose confidence it should not take money upfront from the customer's account. This type of service deserves payment terms of 90 days after delivery (if delivery actually ever occurs).
I am not going to ask to confirm the delivery date, already did that and it was useless.
That is what I think of Infurn so far.

01 February 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Hello Lommer,

Further to your comments in respect of your order, we are sorry that the delivery has gone back longer than expected.

This is within the delivery time frame as shown in the terms and conditions with regard to quality control issues, but understand your disappointment.

As I was unable to get you on the phone today, I have emailed you instead, and hope we can discuss soon to find a suitable solution or way foward.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser

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