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Don't move with Easy Move UK!!

I moved just before Christmas – I wish I’d used another removals company. Had a terrible experience with Easy Move UK - dreadful service from start to finish – the manager (Darren) will not return my calls, there are items missing, one removal man was rude and offensive, they charged me a fortune and left all my clearly marked boxes in any room. I found food boxes in the bedrooms! They left electrical goods out in the pouring rain. I have tried calling to speak with them, but he won't return my calls, so I am left with no option but to make sure that anyone thinking of using them thinks very carefully! The take your money from your bank account - once they've done that, they won't take your calls or contact you again. Beware!


Dreadful, dreadful company!

When placing future orders with Amazon - or any other company for that matter, I will do my utmost to find out who the delivery company involved is. If it turns out to be Yodel, I will cancel any order I have placed immediately and purchase the product elsewhere - despite any increase in cost I might incur. I refuse to encourage the use of this dreadful, dreadful company. I'm not sure if Amazon are interested in how their customers feel about this sort of thing, but they should be aware of how much business they could lose by using Yodel and the other companies who are supplying their products via Amazon and also using Yodel for delivery of those products. Seriously, the way they behave, the service (or lack there of) the lack of contact and care, and their indisputable incapability of answering a phone, dealing with customers, turning up to deliver/collect a package is shocking - it has literally made my eyes bulge. A colleague has just told me that Yodel have recently been featured on the BBC's WatchDog programme. I'm not in the slightest bit surprised.

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