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Cancelled my order without notifying or REFUNDING me - awful

Two weeks ago I placed an order with P2U that hasn't arrived, so yesteday chased it up.

I have a validated Paypal account because I don't want to spread my personal (security related) information throughout every database for companies that I deal with.

P2U asked for my DoB as part of the sign up, something a pharmacist in a shop never does, so I adjusted mine to avoid giving away security related info. When ordering the product, I was honest about the age of the person it was for and the questions a pharmacist would ask me.

P2U tell me that they "cancelled my order because the DoB I gave did not match that registered against my card" (I assume they mean Paypal). Correct. They don't need it. Paypal is responsible for the security of my money. They do not need to make extra checks.

Worst still, I've just checked my Paypal account, and P2U have not cancelled the transaction.

Until companies like this start to understand internet security and the point of federated services like Paypal, Google Checkout etc, and adjust their services appropriately, then they'll just lose business to those people who do, and do not waste people's time.

04 February 2013

Reply from Pharmacy2U

Dear Neale Upstone,

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with information which is required on the registration form. I can confirm Pharmacy2U request your date of birth as we offer a discount code prior to your birthday for you to use.

Pharmacy2U request pre-authorisation upon receipt of your order and once your order is dispatched the payment is then taken. If the order is cancelled the pre-authorisation is also cancelled.

Please contact our customer care team on +44 113 2650222 or email so we can check if the pre-authorisation has been cancelled.

Please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Kind Regards Annette

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