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Worktop Express

Product was NOT fit for purpose + poor customer servce

The worktop delivered was significantly smaller than diagram approved and beyond the tolerance they sneek into the contract (be wary of that). The subsequent customer service (or lack of) has been dreadful. Unprofessional and unreliable. Best avoided!

UPDATE: The 'customer relations' response below further demonstrates this company's underhand tactics. Not once have I been contacted by a customer services person. I have had to chase responses to my emails and below is the most comprehensive response i have received from anyone there, despite the fact it has been posted here rather than sent to me via the contacts the company has for me. Since they appear to wish to carry this out in the public domain, I will follow suit...

The facts are that I paid for something significantly larger than supplied.I have been 'short changed' by Worktop Express, although stronger words could be used!

Rather than be without a kitchen for the two weeks i was told a replacement was take, I sought my own solution. Still incurring major inconvenience, further time without a kitchen, two fitting days and significant organisation on my part, but the lesser of two evils.

I explained a receipt might not be possible since the company I found able to help normally fitted shops and would be doing the job out of hours for cash. I was told as long as the total was under £200 compensation could be sanctioned, otherwise a replacement would be delivered. I have been given neither. In common with others who have highlighted problems with faulty/incomplete/undersized products from Worktop Express on this site, the company has attempted to avoid responsibility, even when the evidence is clear and therefore should not be trusted.

The company has breached clause 13 of the Sale of Goods Act and, unless a satisfactory response is received within the next 7 days, I shall be instructing legal advisors to act on my behalf, which will see the compensation sought rise considerably higher.

I look forward to receiving a response.

21 February 2013

Reply from

Dear Sian,

Thank you for your feedback.

We do state a manufacturing tolerance of +/-3mm on all fabrication works, however unfortunately your worktop arrived 5mm shorter than the confirmed diagram measurements, making it 2mm outside of our tolerance. We can only apologise for this discrepancy.

When offering a replacement worktop, it was stated that the worktop had already been cut to accommodate a sink and hob before the discrepancy was noticed, and as such we were not able to replace the worktop as it had been altered from its original condition which constitutes acceptance of the goods. As an alternative solution, we offered compensation for your side panels to be reduced in thickness to accommodate the smaller worktop. It was agreed that on production of your receipts for the side panel work, we would reimburse your costs for this.
No receipts were subsequently provided, and as such we were not able to refund due to lack of evidence of your costs.

I trust that this restores your confidence in the service that we provide as the UK's leading online solid wood worktop specialist.

Best Regards,
Vickie Cannam
Sales Executive
Worktop Express

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