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Identity Guard®

They kept me safe...

Identity Guard was one place that at first I was skeptical about, but after almost having my identity stolen once before I was looking into all of my options. I wanted to remain safe and I needed a trustworthy company to give me that peace of mind. They went over everything with me and gave me what I needed and I couldn't have asked for better protection! Definitely worth recommending to everyone.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price has been GREAT for Years!

Fisher Price has been around for a long time, even when I was younger. My kids use the toy box that I had when I was little, so they are definitely a durable company that only does better as time moves forward which is always a good thing. They have a lot of toys to choose from as well.


This is a good site for a lot of different reasons....

There are numerous reasons that this site is a good one... the first being the music videos. They have just about everything when it comes to music. The next thing would be the channels where you can watch anything and everything from commercials, movie clips and much more to people having a video blog. The one thing I do not like though, are all of the ads but if you can deal with them then you're golden!



The first thing I should say about Amazon is that if you want a cheaper price for something that you want, then you should check here first. The next thing is that you can get free shipping on almost anything if you qualify for it (which is easy to do) They have everything and anything on the site. I would recommend this site to anyone and everyone!


My 'Go-To' Place for Information

I go here whenever I need to know more about an actor/actress, movie, etc. They definitely have all of the information and it is a very easy to navigate website which makes it even better. I can access it on my phone too for when I am not in front of my computer. I like the fast information!


Very Impressed!

I have ordered multiple items from their store over the past few months and was very impressed at the level of service that they give. Not only that but my items were shipped quickly as well. The prices are great too, there is not much bad to say about them!

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