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Having purchased a Christmas present on the 2nd December I thought I was well organised for once. The only problem is, I am still waiting on my parcel. Having bought a gift through KGB Deals, I was repeatedly told my gift would take 21 working days to arrive so I decided to leave it for a bit as Christmas had now been and gone by this time. However last week KGB decided to send me, my Citylink delivery code for me to chase them up. Having emailed Citylink, I received a response to say that they delivered my parcel on 22nd December but nobody was at home to collect (which is a lie) and they were therefore under instruction to leave my parcel with a neighbour (which is another lie). The email goes on to explain that the driver left the parcel at a certain address which I know is a lie because the address they say the courier left it at was my address. To top it off, my imaginary neighbour who received the parcel, has an un-readable signature that Citylink cannot make out meaning I therefore have no clue who received the parcel. I was also told that it is not company policy to leave a card unless they cannot deliver a parcel (why else would they leave a card?), but I was not left a card. However here is the best part of all, I have been advised that the courier delivers to my street all the time and therefore cannot remember which house he delivered the parcel to. Therefore, either Citylink have my parcel, the courier has amnesia and my parcel, or I have a dishonest neighbour who cant write properly.

Either way - I have no parcel and my girlfriend is missing one Christmas present. I have now been told to go back to KGB. To be continued...

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